Show, don’t tell. Make a greater impact on your fitness and wellness marketing through compelling and professional quality videos.

Monkey Reel Media is a one stop creative video shop that offers simple and effective tips to help you tell the story of your business through video. From there, our creative team takes the truly time consuming part of the video creating process off your hands by putting it all together in editing. Monkey Reel Media gives you the freedom to create videos on an ongoing basis so you can stay in the eyes and ears of your current and prospective clients.
We’re experts in the fitness and wellness industry. From international fitness franchises to the single owner Crossfit.
One of the biggest struggles we see with fitness and wellness business owners is the ability to effectively convey their story through their marketing. If they’re passionate about what they do, the clients they work and build strong relationships with, and the results they’ve helped them achieve, then video is a powerful medium that they can utilize to portray this and dispel any objectives.
The way the digital marketing landscape has been shaped in the world we live in today, it’s all about transparency and brand engagement. Video is without a doubt, changing the way audiences interact with ads, content and brands. More and more platforms like Facebook and Instagram are optimizing for video, and the team here at Monkey Reel Media knows how to produce amazing content to help reel viewers in, and ultimately bring in new clients. We know how powerful and effective video is at creating brand trust before a client even walks through your door or purchases your product.

Our Creative Services

Carefully crafted. Thoughtfully produced. Here are some of the many videos we can create together for your fitness or wellness business with our Chimpedit Video Editing Service.

Overview Videos

A short introduction of what your business is all about, coupled with powerful testimonials, compelling shots of interaction with staff and clients and explaining all about your key services.

Promotional Features

Highlight a particular promotion you’re running or just a rundown of your services.

Tips and Strategy Content

Quick, shareable videos to establish branding and expert positioning in your field and build your audience. From movement tips, motivational content and nutrition guides. These creative videos can be multipurposed and used on social media platforms, blogs, newsletters, your website and much more.

Coach/Staff Member Bios

A much more personable way to build trust with potential members by introducing them to who represents your business. Ditch the standard headshots with brief written summary for engaging videos like this.

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