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Video continues to dominate the digital marketing space and has no signs of slowing down in 2018.

Some examples of the best types of videos you should be creating for your gym to help stand out in 2018.

It should no longer be a question of if you should be using video for your fitness business, but how you can be utilizing it for your marketing, client retention and even operational efforts.

We’ve put together some examples of the best types of videos you can incorporate for your gym in the New Year to help you stand out, build trust and establish expertise amongst the ever-growing competition.


Client Testimonials


The ultimate social proof of your gym – your members. Feature them on your website and on social media as member spotlight videos. Be sure to focus on members that represent your ideal target client (age, demographic, etc.) Try also to represent those with different background stories. A busy mom, an older athlete who came to your gym with a pre-existing injury or a younger client just looking to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Couples testimonials are a nice way to feature the relationships in your gym and the benefits that training can have within them.

Client Testimonial: Laura, CrossFit El Cid

Couples Testimonial: CrossFit Active Performance

Tips and Strategies

Posting consistant and quality content is the name of the game for putting together a solid digital marketing strategy for your gym. Creating tip videos allows you to help build an audience for your gym, as well as establish expertise in your field.

The latest trends on platforms like Instagram and Facebook have shown us that many people are engaging with the tips and strategy content without sound and just absorbing the information from text captions and graphics. Try this method for videos like movement and nutrition tips.

Front Squat: CrossFit Outwork

Nutrition Tip: Great Woods CrossFit


What’s Your Why?

Aside from spotlighting your members in client testimonial videos, there are lot’s of creative ways that you can feature your gym community in video content. What better way to inspire your current and prospective members than showing the reasons why your members are working out and pursuing their fitness goals. A “What’s Your Why” video is great for both marketing and client retention efforts.

What’s Your Why? – Edge Body Boot Camp


Coach Bios

Feature yourself and your staff in Coach Bio videos. These add a lot more personality than the the standard headshot and brief summary of certifications. Show your prospective clients who they’ll be working with when they come to your gym.

Coach Bio: Altitude Athletics

Coach Bio: CrossFit Ashland


Gym Tour

Take viewers on a tour of your facility and add some style to your website and social media pages.

Gym Tour: CrossFit Rife


Welcome/What To Expect

Joining a new gym can cause anxiety in new to fitness and even the most experience people. Add value to your operational strategy and send a Welcome or What to Expect video to prospective and new clients before their first visit. Introduce yourself and explain exactly what you’ll be bringing them through before they even step through the door.

Welcome Video: TFW Providence

Curious on how to get started with creating videos for your gym in 2018?

Schedule a creative call with us here.


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