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There are an exceeding number of gyms and fitness programs for people to choose from these days. Seemingly infinite. But what sets each apart is the members that make them up and the relationships and sense of community that develops throughout. It’s the personalities of the staff, the workouts, the high fives and encouragement and all the powerful moments that happen each day. Stories waiting to be told.

If social media, technology and marketing have taught us anything in recent years, it’s that storytelling seems to be more and more of a critical tool to get messaging across. Good stories can surprise, motivate, create trust and transparency, connect and elicit emotional response from viewers.

Check out this incredibly inspiring video we created together with CrossFit Rife to help tell the story of one of their members, Jake. Jake has an incredible story of triumph and perseverance, having to get through an almost fatal incident. Being fit and healthy from working out at the gym and serious mental toughness are some of the key things that helped him survive his incident and ultimately throughout his amazing recovery.

Jake's Story

Take the 5 minutes to watch this and share it. As The CrossFit Games approaches it's important to remember what CrossFit is really about. CrossFit will bring people into your life with some incredible stories of triumph. This is one of them and Jake is one of our own. Thanks to Monkey Reel Media for helping us tell this story. #crossfit #crossfitrife #rifelife #navyeod #specops #nevergiveup

Posted by CrossFit Rife on Friday, July 28, 2017

This video received over 556,000 views in roughly 1 week, having gone viral upon its posting. A simple and effective setup for the interview with lighting, a tripod and a lavalier mic, some photos and accompanying video clips (b-roll) and music to set the tone all helped to bring this story to life for all to engage with and share.

There are so many ways to help tell your fitness business’s story through video. Client testimonials to convey social proof and inspire viewers, coach or staff bios that show personality, welcome videos to greet new members and let them know what to expect when they come in and much more. To attract new clients, aid in client retention and ultimately enforce your branding and awareness.

When it comes down to it, we love good stories. Emotional engagement is the ultimate way to allow an audience to experience your business, before they even consider walking through the door.  If you’re not using video to tell the stories of your community and culture, you’re missing out on one of the most effective ways to get your messaging across. 


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