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This week we’re highlighting a great example of a client testimonial. One of our Chimpedit members, CrossFit Preferred in Gilbert, Arizona, submitted testimonial footage to us to have fully edited.

With simple production strategies provided by our team, they were able to capture some great feedback from their athletes that helps to tell the story of the gym and elevate their marketing efforts.

Check it out!

What goes into a great client testimonial?

  • Good interview questions (establishing background, objections, mental/physical benefits, conclusion)
  • Balanced lighting – 3-point lighting technique
  • Quality audio – lavalier mic
  • The right royalty free music track
  • Custom logo intro/outro sequence
  • Graphics (consistent with branding)

Testimonials are great for websites, release them as “member spotlights” on your social media and launch them in newsletters and blogs. Much more powerful than the standard headshot photo and write-up.


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