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Any businessman worth his salt will tell you that business is about people. Video production is the same. Your company video isn’t just another way to sell your business to potential customers. It’s an opportunity to show people the face of the business – the owner, the coaches, the members – everyone who makes it what it is.


One of the cardinal sins of a company video is to include an interview with a stakeholder just for the sake of it. It could be the owner, or one of the coaches, but often the interview fails to give the company a personality that sets is apart from competitors.


The thing about videos is it is a golden opportunity to deliver a message. Let’s face it: nobody will read your carefully crafted page-long mission statement, but consider videos as your elevator pitch – your chance to gain a new customer in 90 seconds.


Giving the business a personality is the icing on that cake and makes the video much more accessible, shareable and engaging.


To do that, the first thing to bear in mind is how to appear in front of the camera. Presenting is all about confidence, so relax, be yourself, and do your best to feel at home. Practice presenting as much as you can, and you can find plenty more tips on our guide to overcoming camera shyness.


Film a lot of footage. Don’t be afraid to record lots of takes to make sure you have absolutely the best version of what you can make. The editing process can bring the best out of footage, but if the only footage of the company spokesperson is monotone and uninteresting, it will reflect in the rest of the video. It can be a challenge to bring out the best performance from somebody, but that little extra time and effort will be worth it.


Keep an eye out for the intricacies of day-to-day life around your business. Personalities – just like businesses – are not always flawless. People make mistakes. They fumble, they forget. Although you want to portray your business the best you can, it might be worth considering using some outtakes in the finished video to inject a bit of humor and help connect with people.


Don’t be afraid to crack a joke now and then or show off a secret, humorous talent. A sprinkling of comedic moments can really bring out the humanity in a company. Your editor can help you strike that balance.


Videos are a great way to show people the life in your business. If your messaging is useful, interesting, to the point, and engaging, people are much more likely to engage with you and your business than a faceless mission statement or web copy.


Give your videos some personality. Give people a reason to want to watch.

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