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Chimpedit’s Best of 2016


As the final days of 2016 roll in, it’s a great time to reflect on some of the work we’ve done over the last year. Earlier this year we launched Chimpedit, a monthly video editing membership for fitness and wellness businesses.

We saw how invaluable it is for fitness and wellness businesses to utilize video to tell their story and build trust with potential clients before they step foot through the door. But we also knew how time consuming editing video can be. With affordable cameras, microphones and basic lighting techniques making it easier than ever for fitness and wellness businesses to film their own content, the Monkey Reel Media editors have been working hard piecing together footage shot by Chimpedit members all over the world.

Here are some examples:

Edge Body Boot Camp 

This video is a coach bio piece that sheds some light on one of the key figures at Edge Body Boot Camp. Coach bio videos stand out much more than the traditional staff headshot on a website.

There are things that really make this video stand out – the framing of Joy, the coach, is nice and off-centre which is pleasing to the eye, she’s evenly-lit so the shot is not dark and grainy, and the B-Roll footage of her working in the gym is clear and helps break up the video.


CrossFit Rife 

The movement in these shots really brings the video to life. The B-Roll demonstrates plenty of action which engages the viewer and gives potential clients a sense of what the place is like, and the narrative is interesting and varied thanks to the multiple subjects.


ATS Strength 

This video intentionally targets a specific demographic by putting a young athlete front and centre. The B-Roll is sparse but the shots are moving and interesting, and the video is kept short to not push the audience’s attention. The music ties everything together.


RU Fit: Event Trailer

With a collaboration of GoPro and drone footage, you really get an exciting look at all of the different events at RU Fit in this promotional trailer.


Orca Empire Fitness 

The key to the successful video here is humor. By doing something totally different, the client really stands out to existing and potential customers. The humor plays on a common situation for many people around the holiday’s and draws them in with familiarity.

Testimonials, company overviews and other videos that are most commonly created will always be extremely powerful and useful in content marketing, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Well executed, original content can work wonders.

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