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Video content is evolving rapidly. As people consume more and more videos on mobile devices and we begin to see the first real use of VR devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, video isn’t as simple as a 2D image on a small screen anymore. One of the other avenues that businesses are pushing hard is live streaming.

Live streaming through Facebook Live, Periscope and now even Instagram Live is a great way to engage with your audiences in a unique and unedited way. Live streaming gives brands the opportunity to show a little personality as well as capture things quickly in a more ‘run-and-gun’ style.

The biggest advantage of live streaming is that it allows you to be spontaneous with your content. Maybe you want to live stream a CrossFit WOD or an internal competition. You might not have planned to create a video but you can grab a mobile and create content straight away.

Live Stream

But just because live streaming is easy to do with a mobile doesn’t mean you have to settle for something of less than average quality. Here are some ways to make your live streaming better.

Make sure your WiFi signal is as strong as possible. Nothing is more off-putting than a live stream that keeps cutting out, so limit the number of devices sharing the internet connection and try to get close to the router.

Plan ahead. Regardless of spontaneity, spend a day thinking of some locations or situations you’re likely to want to live stream from. Test the sound, the light, the internet connectivity – so even when you decide to grab your mobile you don’t have any nasty surprises.

Promote your broadcasts before they happen. Even if it’s ten minutes or so beforehand, while you’re setting up. Send out some quick tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, maybe even an email – to give people at least some warning.

Plan your shots. Hold the camera as steady as possible, using a gimbal or even a tripod if that suits your situation. Make sure the image is clear and people actually understand what they’re watching.

Engage with your audience. Facebook Live has a pretty good live comments and reactions feature, so make the audience as much a part of the content as the video itself. Respond to their questions, ask your own questions, show them what they want to see.

Paying a bit more attention to even just a couple of these points will elevate your live video content to another level, help you stand out from your competitors and really engage with your current and existing clients.

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