Are Product Videos Relevant In 2017?

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Video appears in 70% of the top 100 Google searches.

In fact, Google recently rolled out a small feature to their results pages which just reinforces the need for businesses to be producing video content. The new ‘videos from the web’ section drags results from YouTube as well as all around the web and places videos high in the results page.

One type of video that will continue to be important in 2017 is a product video.

For businesses that sell products online, a product video can do more to shift stock than even the best advertising copy. Vouchercloud reports that 92% of shoppers say visuals are the most influential factor affecting purchase decisions, and visitors are 144% more likely to purchase a product after seeing a product video than those who did not.

Product videos are a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. They are primarily videos for sales, and perform best when attached to a product on an ecommerce site. Although some commercials or branded content aim to entertain and increase brand visibility, product videos instead aim to make the customer complete the purchase of the product.

However if the product videos are optimized well enough and hosted on YouTube, they have the potential to rank well enough to introduce new consumers to the brand by themselves.

The key to a successful product video is information. The video will ideally be free of distracting visuals and comedy and get straight to the point – a demonstration of what the product is, why it’s useful and why you should buy it.

It doesn’t matter what industry, location or demographic your business operates in, every business that sells a product can benefit from a product video. From increasing brand awareness and SEO of your own site to the primary goal of increasing conversions, product videos should be high on your list for 2017.

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