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As video rapidly increases in popularity and becomes the go-to content for many businesses and brands, a simple question that we hear raised again and again: just how much does a video cost, anyway?

This is difficult to answer. It’s unfortunately one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ type of questions, and when discussing your ideas with a production company there are plenty of things to take into consideration.

Firstly – what is the value of video? The beauty about most platforms for video today is that there are ways to track and test demographics, reach, viewing figures, etc. What is certain is that it is an excellent tool to increase brand awareness, it engages with people much more than written content, and it does influence consumers.

When a business has settled on video as a medium to explore, it needs to consider the type of video it will be making. Is this a company overview video to creatively highlight what the company is about? Or is it an original spot that will require actors and other variables?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the type of things that need to be considered when working with a production company to make a video, and how it typically effects the cost.

Locations. Is the crew filming in more than one place? Transport usually needs to be taken into account to move the equipment and people from one location to the next. 

Number of shoot days. If the shoot is in several locations, or involves filming something very complex in one location, there is a chance it will run over more than a single day. 

Amount of equipment.  Does the shoot need additional cameras? Do you want to include aerial shots from a drone?

Actors. Interviewing clients or staff can make for a great video. But if you want something different and a bit more detailed, actors may need to be hired. Of course we consider hair stylists, make-up artists, etc.

Post-production. Let’s say that we capture a lot of great footage that was originally purposed for one video, but there is opportunity to create more than one version. We’re happy to provide extra edits to get you the most out of your amazing content.

All these things are taken into consideration when producing video projects. A video production can range from a small, single-day shoot to film an interview and some B-Roll, to a more ambitious, branded film using drones and actors. 

No matter what the project may be, we can show you the type of video you can make with the budget you have, and run through all the available options to give you the best bang for your buck.


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