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The advantage of using video content in your marketing is that it’s a visual and compelling way to convey information much quicker than you can in written content. Let’s say you want to have an FAQ page to discuss health and fitness myths and facts, or questions more related to your business. Why not have a video or series of videos which relay that information?

Firstly do some research about the sort of things people are asking for. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Ubersuggest as well as your own research to find the questions people would like to know the answers to.

Block out a day for some filming. This could be with your camera phone, a DSLR or a professional film crew. Line up your questions, any members who might be willing to ask them, and your coaches who are up for answering them.

Set up the location. If you’re filming it out-of-hours, try and use your gym or fitness centre as the background to subtly highlight the facilities you have available. Film the members asking questions, then film the coaches responding with their advice, remembering to consider lighting, composition and sound to make the videos as professional as possible.


The most important aspect in this entire process is the content. Even when you’re 110% sure of the questions you want to cover, do not be afraid to throw some more in there if they come to you. Remember, it is easy to cut down your videos in the editing room. It is not easy to film them again.

Maybe your members have questions themselves? Why not hold a ‘live’ Q&A session where your members can ask any fitness and health related questions to your panel of coaches? Film the whole thing, splice it up into a video per question and boom – you’ve got a whole series of well-answered question videos which will be great for SEO and evergreen content on your site.

FAQ videos are quick and affordable to create, and offer a wealth of opportunities for content marketers. By combining the expertise of your coaches with the questions of your members and the public, you can provide good quality, useful and shareable content to market your fitness and health business.

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