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Let’s face it. From Pinterest to HGTV, we’re definitely living in the age of DIY. So if you macramé your own toilet seat covers, brew your own beer, and make your own raw dog food, why shouldn’t you create your own promo videos for your fitness business? As a gym owner, you’re used to being trainer, therapist, boss, and janitor – why not add director and cinematographer to your resume to boot?


But we all know there’s something to be said for leaving it to the pro’s. Ugh! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Nothing’s been this complicated since you were deciding which emoji to go for as Halloween! (Salsa dancing girl for the win!)


Well, without further ado and digression, here are the pro’s and con’s of doing it yourself –






Outsourcing promotional videos for your gym requires a budget. We get that. (Though with us, you won’t break the bank – and we’re happy to make things work at all budget levels.) Our blog aims to give you tons of professional level tips for how to make your promotional fitness video look amazing if you decide to do it yourself! Making video content on your own is definitely a cost effective way to create content.



DIY fitness videos also allow you to create and post videos on a more immediate basis. Come up with a great workout that you want to share with your fitness clients immediately? Grab an iPhone, shoot, edit yourself, and post! There’s no middleman and no wait time!




We live in an era where one of the best movies to come out of the Sundance Film Festival was shot on an iPhone. (We kid not. The movie TANGERINE. Worth noting that they used special lenses…


So there are more resources than ever that can help you create great video content on a budget. Be sure to check out our recent blog that offers up some great strategies to keep those costs low.




Homemade videos can be super charming. There’s something really special that happens in this crowded online sphere of content when we realize that someone is communicating directly to us. It can be personal and heartfelt in a way that’s sometimes harder to replicate with more professional videos.





In spite of how amazing technology today is, chances are, the quality of your promotional fitness video is going to suffer if you do it yourself. Filmmaking is a learned trade – and while it may not seem like there’s any filmmaking going on in your video about how to properly squat… there’s lighting, focus, framing, and visual storytelling to contend with. It’s definitely the type of situation where you get what you pay for. (And unfortunately, if you do it yourself, that’s often not a lot…)




Sort of touched on in the quality section, but if you’re doing all of the heavy lifting yourself – it’s hard to let your best self shine through on a video. Let’s face it, people watch fitness promo videos to find trainers who speak to them. Hiring a pro leaves you to doing your job – attracting clients.




A lot can be said for getting a second (and third and fourth) set of eyes on something. When you outsource production of your promotional fitness video, it often also means you get to have discussions with professionals who know what they’re talking about on how to get people into your gym and make fitness clients happy. (Which is what it’s all about anyways, right?)


Monkey Reel can help you personalize your message and reach fitness enthusiasts that you’re trying to turn into gym members and clients. We’ve helped hundreds of fitness business bring more clients in through the power of video. Let us help you! We’re here to PUMP YOU UP!




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