The Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Fitness Videos and Social Media

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So, let’s face it. We’ve all posted videos on social media we’ve come to regret. Whether it’s a questionably offensive dubsmash on our Instagram, that video we posted at 10 PM on a Saturday night of our cat eating grapes, or that embarrassing vine of our significant other, there are just some posts that deleting can’t undo.


And while unfortunately we can’t dissect what videos you should post as far as your personal life goes, we’re practically obligated to help you decipher the Do’s and Don’ts of posting promo videos for your fitness business to social media. So, without further ado, here’s what’s best to aspire for and what’s best to just avoid when marketing gym videos.




It’s a good idea to film several videos in your gym or fitness studio at the same time (so that they can be organized and high quality) and then bank them for a slower social media rollout. It’s about being strategic – and hitting your fitness focused audience when it makes sense. Even if you may be a night owl, realize not everyone else is – so get to know the best and worst times to post on social media.


As a rule, for Facebook, it’s 1-4 pm, for Twitter, it’s Monday’s to Thursday’s from 1-3 pm.


But do an experiment with your fitness clients – and see when they’re most apt to like or comment on your posts. Get personal with your gym rats.




It’s safe to say that we’re all on social media because we’re lonely and hoping to find connection in this world. (Too much? Okay, yeah maybe. We get that.) If we feel like someone’s just trying to sell us something or they don’t really care, it’s a super quick turn off.


So get all up in there. Make it mean something to the fitness-a-holic who’s watching your gym video.
Talk specifically about your gym and what makes it different. Get personal about your own fitness routine – and where you struggle. Talk about your own body insecurities. Be vulnerable and SEE RESULTS. (Albeit a different kind of results.)




Look, let’s get real for a second. (As if we haven’t been getting real already… *cough, snicker, gulp*) There’s a lot of stuff to watch on the Internet. Arguably too much stuff. It’s super overwhelming, actually – and we kind of need to talk to our therapists about it.


It’s important to stand out from the pack. Be funny. Be heartfelt. Ask a funny friend to write a script for you. Offer people who watch your video free classes or merchandise! (We know there’s a huge markup on those gym branded water bottles you sell! C’mon.) Get creative!




Avoid the unfollow – and keep all posts to a maximum of one to two pieces of content that have to do with your fitness studio on Facebook or Instagram a day. Don’t post all of your videos at once. Spread them out to once a week or so.


Seriously, make it count. Don’t be a mom and post 20 videos chronicling the Taylor Swift concert all at the same time. It’s good to spread fitness promo videos out to get people into the gym.




There’s nothing worse than watching a promotional fitness video where the gym owner is uptight and tightly wound. People want to take fitness classes and join gyms with fun instructors and trainers. Loosen up! Take an improv class. Make a goofy face before the camera starts rolling. Film yourself in action! Let people see you force that poor middle-aged dude to do another set of mountain climbers!


But in all seriousness, if you know you aren’t good on camera, maybe considering hiring or using someone who is to be the face of your gym as far as promotional fitness videos on social media are concerned.

Here’s an example of quick, sharable fitness tips that require no speaking…Lower Body Burn




It’s worth it to use a social media manager like Buffer or Hootsuite, because, let’s face it: this can be a hard world to navigate. These services can help you come up with a social media schedule and provide analytics, which can be invaluable.


And as far as making fitness videos that stand out, there’s a lot to be said for outsourcing the job and hiring someone who knows what they’re doing. We’re here if you need us. (*wink, wink*)

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