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Think of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that your fitness or wellness business gets. The ones’ specific to your business or industry. Your source for great daily video marketing content lies right in the answers to those questions.

We know at this point that posting content constantly is how to stay relevant to your consumers, both current and potential. Every business owner should know their customer’s FAQ’s.  They hear them every single day.

Concerned that you may not be the best person to conceptualize a purpose for the right video marketing idea? With each important question your consumer asks, you have a golden nugget of an idea for great video strategies.

Producing professional videos to answer these questions is a simple way of being helpful and showing your expertise. It’s a great resource to target your market without pushing the sale directly.

Answer them well and consistently, and you’re building yourself as a go-to person in the industry.

Another way to use these FAQ’s to conceptualize video marketing ideas is to create a promotional video around them.

Maybe you’re a gym owner and the common misconception from an outsider new to fitness is that your facility is just too intense, or comprised of all star athletes that they would just feel inferior alongside.

Fitness centers can seem intimidating to this consumer and they want to know if YOUR business can suit THEIR needs.

Solution: create a promo video that speaks to this consumer. Illustrate how your business is scaled for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Utilize motivational testimonials to showcase that you have members who started out in their shoes. Coupled with the right inspirational shots and music and you have a recipe for a powerful marketing tool.

No one knows your products or your business or your story better than you. No one knows how to give voice and create transparency for your business with video better than us. Your passion is in your story.

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