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If your brand is not utilizing video in its fitness marketing, you need to read this.

Fitness Marketing with VIDEO

Look back at the last 10 years of fitness marketing. It’s incredible to think about the rate at which different trends, platforms and strategies developed, completely flipping the game on its back.

Ones that didn’t even exist are now a vital form of marketing for businesses in almost every industry, big or small.

There is one medium that grew roots and blossomed into a huge presence in practically all marketing platforms and disrupted the conventional marketing models. That is fitness marketing with video.

Online video is without a doubt, changing the way audiences interact with ads, content and brands. Small businesses and enterprises are starting to take advantage. As more and more platforms are allowing and optimizing for video, and a world of different devices are putting cameras directly in the hands of consumers, videos have become a new means in which people communicate, and a vital way for small businesses and brands to communicate back.

“Transparency is now and will continue to dictate brand-customer relationships” – Forbes Magazine. The increased presence of video is directly connected to the common theme amongst all modern and integrated marketing now, which is transparency.  Consumers are demanding more engagement from brands. The brands that are able to create entertaining and truly valuable engagement are the ones who will come out on top. Video has become the perfect tool to create such transparency.

Want the stats?

-Google ranks videos 50 times higher than traditional content. Part of their algorithm for search rankings is taking into consideration the amount of time a visitor stays on your website. A primary reason video has seen explosive growth. – (Source: Forrester)

-Videos will be responsible for nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic by 2017. – (Source: Brafton)

-YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. – (Source: Mushroom Networks)

-Landing Pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than the same page without.  (Source: Funnel Science)

-Adding video to email marketing has been shown to increase click through rates by up to a staggering 96%. – (Source: GetResponse)

How Can You Use Video For Your Fitness Marketing?

Start with a promotional video to give your fitness facility, yoga hub, or wellness center a voice. Gym’s can often appear cold and uninviting to the average person. When marketing your gym, give viewers a visual experience of what’s going on inside of it. Let a short (1-2 minute) video capture what you’re all about.

RESULTS! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Results you have helped members reach will always stand out the most to viewers in any video. What better way to capture this than though testimonials from the individual members themselves. Allow your members to talk about their weight loss journey that YOU guided them on. Weight loss, increased energy and decreased stress are always key points to cover. There is a psychology behind this. The right questions will evoke the best and clearest responses from your clients. (More on how to get capture great testimonials in the following blog).

Share Your Secrets:  Be sure to focus on any specialized or personalized service that your facility offers. Maybe it’s a transformation program that’s designed for serious results, a nutritional program that has been a huge source of accountability for your members or a signature athletic training program that’s sure to get any athlete faster and stronger. Focus on key aspects like personalization and the unique environment you have.

Your Target/The Tone: Finding your target audience should directly correlate with the type of tone you should set in this promo video. The types of shots, the lighting, coloring, music, etc. These are all important factors when considering what type of message you want the video to depict.

Are you a Crossfit facility that wants to showcase the everyday athlete with dramatic, gritty and intense shots coupled with driven music? Or are you a yoga studio that wants to illustrate graceful moves, the importance of mind and body health and that yoga is scalable for any level.

Music: Any producer can inform you how huge the effects of music are on a viewer and the emotions it can elicit when set properly to video. Dramatic, motivational, upbeat…the genres are endless. Make sure the right one is chosen to coincide with your tone.

Just be aware that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Music Publishing companies can and will inform you to remove that video you made recently with the Kanye West song behind. Far gone are the days of “borrowing’ licensed songs to use in online videos. Yes, when it comes to music and doing things the professional way, the right royalty free songs need to be selected, and with a price.

There are a world of other types of videos that can be designed to help boost eyes on your fitness brand. Some notable ones that I’ll be covering in following blogs are:

  • Workout Videos
  • Social Media Branding
  • Events
  • Daily Tips
  • 3 Part Series
  • Answering Members Questions

More examples here:

Fitness marketing with video in ANY format need to be not only informative and engaging, but also fun and visually stunning. Fitness and social media platforms like Instagram are 90% visual, so you without a doubt need to have quality videos on your page. Make your IG, Facebook and website pages attract everyone from the newbies to fitness, to the enthusiasts alike.

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